The beginning and the first steps of the company

JD Racing ignition was founded in 1998 as a trademark owned the already established consulting firm JD electronic. In particular, was inspired by the experience in the electronics industry of its founder, gained through years of experience working as a developer hardware / software in many companies. The main purpose of the new brand is to develop an innovative electronic control unit for managing single-cylinder engine with 2 and 4 stroke. In effect, after a year and a half of study and investment results in the first working prototype model designed for the Honda CR125 and CR250. The first positive result was, on the one hand, opened its doors to the commercialization of a first product and on the other side JD spurred developers to create additional models of ignition for different motorcycle models.

Within 6 months, and based on the experience with the first prototype, JD start to produce and to market units to other off-road motorcycle models such as Yamaha, Kawasaky, and Suzuki. With the sale of these early models also born the first commercial interest from societry suc as PRO Circuit based in California, USA.


Dario Buschini, JD's project manager

The first World Title

2003 with Stephan Merryman

Honda CRE250 Enduro World Championship

The entry in international competitions. As the product was developing in the world of off-road motorcycles, also teams that participate in national and international competitions began to take an interest and to consider the possibility 'of commercial partnerships and sponsorships. JD debut in 2000 as a sponsor of a team participating in the world championship motocross and immediately get a good result with the rider Mike Brown, who ranks third on a Honda CR125. Three years later came the first world title with Stephan Merryman on Honda CRE250.

Our Future

Even today, JD continues the effort, put always in the creation of innovative and efficient control units for off-road motorcycles engines. For a couple of years has further expanded its landscape management proposals introducing electronic fuel injection. In this regard, and particularly important in active and established collaboration with Cosworth for the construction of a fuel injection system for Yamaha YZF250 now in carburator version.

The experience and the quality proven through years of work for the aftermarket have allowed JD to enter for the first time in its history, including in the original equipment by entering into a commercial agreement with Gas Gas.

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