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Technical data


Our ECUs analize all data acquired in real time to provide the right ignition spark, according with stored data.

The CPU can make a control feedback operation at every engine revolution, for better accuracy and performance.

The power map can be examined from 1.850 to unlimited RPM: for values under 1.850 RPM the ignition spark starts at the end of the pick-up sector (near the PMS).

The pick-up position can be set from 90° before PMS since to 2° from the maximum ignition advance. If your carburettor has the TPS and/or the Power-jet, our electronic ignition can manage these functions: Power-jet can be set as closure or as release in a range from 1.900 to unlimited RPM, with a solution of 50 RPM.

It's also possible cutting out the power-jet function using included software or setting an hysteresis range to avoid any Power-Jet flutter effects.

The internal CPU also supports a RPM limit-switch: the start of this function may be set in a range from 5.000 to 20.000 RPM. All JD's ECU units mounted AUTOMOTIVE components: our units are tested at 120°C (248 °F)

All JD ECUs use the same connector as their stock counterparts. Our ECUs feature two indepedent maps: the rider can switch between them at any time, using a switch placed on the handle bar.


Thanks to a simple USB cable, it's now extremely easy to connect your new JD ECU to a computer.
Our programming kit includes a USB cable, the ECU programming software and the Sensor Reader program. Sensor Reader allows you to monitor in real-time (even when the engine is off) a set of parameters managed by the ECU, including: pressure and TPS values, air and water temperatures.


With our software you can manage up to 32 active point to define your best curve. Define a specific curve for each of 8 throttle position: the internal CPU will interpolate data in real-time for intermediate trottle positions. Define a set of curve for each gear you use. Set different Power jets parameters for each curve.


Our ECUs are shipped with standard power maps: you can customize them with the help of your reseller, or do it yourself using the programming kit.


We recommend you to edit the standard curve only if you have techical expertise or support available, to prevent any damage on your engine.

Before you modify the maps of your ECU, please read carefully the manual.

Click here to download the manuals. Only for resellers

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